Welcome to Mueller Charter School

Mueller Charter School is one of 45 schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. Located 7 miles north of the Mexico/California border, we are in our 21st year as a charter school.

MCS was built in 1955 and includes 38, K-8 classrooms. Though the campus is old, a multi-million dollar modernization project in the summer of 2000 significantly upgraded our physical facilities. Today our school features a performing arts center, a running track with exercise equipment, literacy center, computer lab, and classrooms equipped with the latest in educational technology.  We also have two “satellite” facilities– one for our middle school science program at the Chula Vista Nature Center and the other one at Bayfront Charter High School.

MCS enrolls approximately 1,100 extraordinary students. Though children can attend on both interdistrict and intradistrict transfers, the vast majority live within walking distance to our school.

A National Model

Mueller was granted its first charter in 1993, not long after California passed the Charter School Act of 1992. The charter must be renewed every five years. We are now beginning our fifth cycle and continue to thrive as one of the state’s most innovative public schools.

Today, we are a national model for engendering academic excellence in spite of the challenges of poverty and second language acquisition.  MCS was the first school in the region to create a middle school component. Soon after, we developed partnerships with the City of Chula Vista to create off-site satellite campuses to engage students in authentic, project-based learning.  We also developed our K-2 Literacy Academy and Transitional Kindergarten.  We have a Resiliency Monitoring process that assures us a system for meeting students’ academic, social, emotional, and general health needs.  We provide a full-time counseling staff, health care center, and an on-site school psychologist.  But most importantly, we feature a highly skilled, highly trained, veteran staff of classroom teachers who choose to teach at Mueller Charter School.

As a result, Mueller Charter School has been honored numerous times for education excellence:

• 2009– Title I Academic Award Winning School

• 2010– California Golden Bell Award for Excellence in Education

• 2009– Honor Roll: California Business for Education Excellence

• 2010– Honor Roll: California Business for Education Excellence

• 2011– Honor Roll: California Business for Education Excellence

• 2012– Excellence in Urban School Transformation Award


 Our Leadership Team

Dr. Kevin Riley was Principal of Mueller Charter School from 2000 until 2010.  In 2010, he became the Executive Director and is now responsible for the continued development and success of our charter.  Dr. Riley splits his time between MCLA and Bayfront Charter High School.

Dr. Maureen DeLuca has been our  Principal since 2010.  She has been at Mueller for 21 years and has served as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, and assistant principal. As Principal, she is our instructional leader identifying best teaching practices, providing staff training and guiding the Instructional Leadership Team.

Together, Dr. Riley and Dr. DeLuca continually monitor our students’ progress and create innovative strategies for improving our school.

Melinda Jones, Literacy Coach

Conchita Yescas, Office Manager





Our Magic:  A Support Staff that is Second to None

At the heart of our success is an amazing staff: our teachers, student support staff, charter helpers, office staff and custodial crew:

Our Charter Helpers, Office Staff and School Custodians

The Student Support Team: Andrew Estrada (Psychologist), Marisol Robledo (Counselor), Melinda Jones (Literacy Coach) Anarosela McCullough (Speech) Ryan Santos (Head Counselor)

 For More Information About MCS and Charter Schools:


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

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